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Call for papers

We invite you to submit an article to the following thematic series:
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
​​​​​​​Deadline: June 1, 2018

Aims and scope

Military Medical Research is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing cutting-edge findings on basic medical science and clinical research that is related to military medicine. 

The journal aims to translate the basic science research into the clinical practice and combine advances in civilian and military medicine, with a special focus on the modern military medicine disciplines and the leading progress in precision medicine and translational medicine.

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Editor's profile

Professor Xiao-Bing Fu, Editor-in-Chief

Military Medical Research (MMR) is a new but innovative platform for research in military medicine and related areas. We invite you to submit your findings to our international journal.”

Professor Xiao-Bing Fu is Director of the Key Research Laboratory of Wound Repair and Regeneration of the Chinese PLA. He is also Director of the Institute of Basic Medical Science, College of Life Sciences, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Medical College of PLA. He is President of the Chinese Tissue Repair Society (CTRS) and of the Chinese Trauma Society (CTS). He is an active board member in several medical journals, such as Wound Repair and Regeneration, International Wound Journal, International Lower Extremity Wound Journal (IJLEW), Advances in Wound Care, Science China (Life Sciences), and Chinese Medical Journal (English).

Professor Fu was elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering (Division of Medical and Health) in 2009. He has made important contributions to trauma, tissue repair and regeneration, particularly in growth-factor functions and their effects on regulation in wound healing, as well as to stem cell biology and its application in sweat gland regeneration.

Society affiliations

The Committee of Medical Science and Technology (CMST) of PLA is the top academic organization of Chinese PLA. CMST was established on 23 March, 1954. The 9th term of CMST (from 2011) includes 87 academic specialties of 4 spheres of military medicine, e.g. healthcare management, military preventive medicine and healthcare equipment, basic research and pharmaceutical medicine, internal medicine and surgical sciences, medical technology. Major General Guo-Quan Ren is the current president of the 9th CMST.


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