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Call for papers

New Biological Functional Materials for Trauma Medicine

Severe trauma, such as massive blood loss, large-scale tissue defects and serious infection, restrict the process of wound repair. Functional materials are increasingly showing unique superior properties in the field of trauma medicine. The past few decades have seen remarkable advances in the development of new biological functional materials which are widely used in rapid hemostasis, tissue defect repair, infection control, deformity correction and repair. The use of functional polymer-based materials in several applications has ranged from emerging microelectronics to traditional structural engineering, putting them at the forefront of materials within the research and engineering communities.

There is also no doubt that biological functional materials have revolutionized traditional design concepts and introduced new products to penetrate the part of the market that were impossible to penetrate using conventional materials. With the development of new processing technology, the practical application of functional polymers has been further popularized. In this regard, this Special Issue aims to create an interdisciplinary forum of discussion on applications and advancements in the area of the development of multifunctional polymer materials holding various types of materials. This Issue accepts high-quality research articles as well as review articles that will illustrate and stimulate the continuing effort to understand the area of multifunctional polymer materials and advanced processing technology for trauma medicine.

We would like to invite original and review articles on biological functional materials for trauma medicine including but not limited to:

  • Smart hydrogels for hemostasis
  • Controlled drug release for anti-infection 
  • Multifunctional, bioadhesive or stimuli-responsive materials for wound healing
  • Immune response biomaterials for promoting tissue repair
  • Spatiotemporal delivery of biological factors

Please refer to our Submission Guidelines for information on preparing your manuscript and submit your manuscript via our online submission system. Please highlight that your submission is to be considered for this thematic series in your cover letter.

For rapid feedback on the potential suitability of an article for this thematic series, please submit a pre-submission enquiry to or The publication costs for Military Medical Research are currently covered by the journal.

Guest Editors:

New Content ItemProf. Zibiao Li
Director, Sustainable Polymer (SP) Division
Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment (ISCE2), A*STAR
Senior Scientist, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), A*STAR
Associate Professor, School of Materials Science and Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore 117574, Singapore.
Interests: Bottom-up design and synthesis of biodegradable materials; therapeutic formulation using biodegradable polymeric self-assemblies; Structural-property-performance relationship investigation

New Content ItemProf. Dawei Li
Senior Orthopeadics Department, The Forth Medical Center, Chinese PLA General Hospital, Haidian District, Beijing 100853, China
Interests: Trauma medicine; hemostasis; anti-infection; wound healing; tissue engineering; hemostatic patches; targeted drug delivery

New Content ItemProf. Xing Wang
Beijing National Laboratory for Molecular Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Polymer Physics & Chemistry, Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences, No. 2 1st North Street Zhongguancun Beijing 100190 China
Interests: functional polymers; hydrogels; bioadhesive; multi-responsive polymers; implantable biomaterials; antimicrobial materials; drug delivery, bone regeneration; osteochondral repair; biologically active polymers for biomedical applications