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Table 2 Top 20 DE genes between control and M. vaccae groups

From: Effects of Mycobacterium vaccae vaccine in a mouse model of tuberculosis: protective action and differentially expressed genes

Gene name P-value fold change and regulation GenBank accession Relationship with TB
P-value a FDR b FCAbsolute c Regulation
Retnlg 5.2646E-11 3.00721E-07 6.762246 Up NM_181596 Unknown
Tiprl 6.7691E-11 3.00721E-07 2.3434467 Up NM_145513 Unknown
Gyg 1.0686E-10 3.00721E-07 2.590874 Up NM_013755 Unknown
Ptgs2 1.1782E-10 3.00721E-07 33.16254 Up NM_011198 Decreased transcription of PTGS2 was beneficial to the survival of M. tuberculosis
Zfp281 1.9767E-10 3.00721E-07 3.3773346 Up NM_177643 Unknown
Gbp2 2.162E-10 3.00721E-07 8.493201 Up NM_010260 One of prominent hubs in a highly active common core in TB
Cxcl2 2.2714E-10 3.00721E-07 176.0849 Up NM_009140 Blocking of CXCL2 can significantly reduce the M. tuberculosis-induced IL-1β production
Ear6 2.4307E-10 3.00721E-07 30.299973 Up NM_053111 Unknown
Ighv1–77 4.1282E-10 4.21673E-07 4.998427 Up AF045501 Unknown
Slpi 5.6974E-10 4.97498E-07 3.1604574 Up NM_011414 Exposure of murine peritoneal macrophages to M. tuberculosis led to an increase in SLPI secretion accelerating both the phagocytosis and killing of the pathogen
Azin1 5.9447E-10 4.97498E-07 2.5270393 Up NM_018745 Unknown
S100a8 7.0447E-10 4.97498E-07 9.958652 Up NM_013650 A major pathologic role for S100A8/A9 proteins in decreasing lung tissue damage without impacting protective immunity against TB
Ccrl2 7.0963E-10 4.97498E-07 10.672567 Up NM_017466 Unknown
Igj 8.5416E-10 5.25022E-07 4.127778 Up NM_152839 Unknown
Tnf 9.694E-10 5.66345E-07 156.13841 Up NM_013693 TNF-α has a prominent role in defense and pathological responses to TB and its production in TB patients was higher than that in the control group
Prkcd 1.1807E-09 6.28255E-07 2.054293 Up NM_011103 Unknown
Marcksl1 1.2759E-09 6.28255E-07 11.7962 Up NM_010807 Unknown
Prss34 1.3143E-09 6.28255E-07 11.188594 Up NM_178372 Unknown
Cct6a 1.4218E-09 6.40172E-07 2.9756305 Up NM_009838 Unknown
Il1a 1.5183E-09 6.40172E-07 48.50243 Up NM_010554 The expression of the IL1A gene was increased in both the TB-infected and the healthy cattle to M. bovis stimulation
Afp 2.4759E-11 3.00721E-07 5.7038527 Down NM_007423 Only a few literatures reported that AFP was normal in TB patients, but increased significantly in TB patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
Pcdhga9 8.4144E-11 3.00721E-07 2.3555577 Down NM_033592 Unknown
Cdc42ep5 1.2007E-10 3.00721E-07 3.3431478 Down NM_021454 Unknown
Hrsp12 1.5283E-10 3.00721E-07 2.9907024 Down NM_008287 Unknown
Rnasek 1.5763E-10 3.00721E-07 2.0300574 Down NM_173742 Unknown
Nprl3 1.6254E-10 3.00721E-07 2.5463195 Down NM_001284359 Unknown
4932443I19Rik 1.9509E-10 3.00721E-07 6.6056542 Down NM_001101519 Unknown
Ly6g6c 2.3228E-10 3.00721E-07 3.6154532 Down NM_023463 Unknown
Kdr 2.6218E-10 3.06341E-07 4.521906 Down NM_010612 Unknown
2810416G20Rik 3.0664E-10 3.39439E-07 4.7047515 Down XM_003945668 Unknown
Tubb2a 4.3967E-10 4.21673E-07 3.6115813 Down NM_009450 Unknown
Triqk 4.4108E-10 4.21673E-07 4.918867 Down NM_173746 Unknown
Slc6a16 6.2508E-10 4.97498E-07 4.1382565 Down XM_355900 Unknown
Cxx1c 8.1855E-10 5.25022E-07 3.0826645 Down NM_028375 Unknown
Fez2 8.6019E-10 5.25022E-07 2.6090815 Down NM_001285940 Unknown
1810058I24Rik 8.7371E-10 5.25022E-07 4.307958 Down NR_027875 Unknown
Egfbp2 1.0983E-09 6.07878E-07 4.641702 Down NM_010115 Unknown
Efna5 1.2336E-09 6.28255E-07 2.744601 Down NM_207654 Unknown
Cd151 1.2898E-09 6.28255E-07 3.2171504 Down NM_009842 CD9High classical monocytes expressed higher levels of tetraspanin CD151 compared to CD9Low classical monocytes
2210013O21Rik 1.4572E-09 6.40172E-07 3.4838674 Down NM_027327 Unknown
  1. a, P-value calculated from t-test; b, FDR calculated from Benjamini Hochberg FDR; c, FCAbsolute, the absolute ratio (no log scale) of normalized intensities between two groups. Notes: mRNA with expression fold change > 2 and with FDR adjusted P-value < 0.05 was considered statistically significant. Here we show the expression fold change > 10