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Table 4 Prevalence odds ratios of nondeployability, predictors of nondeployability and sleep e-Profiles

From: Sleep disturbances and predictors of nondeployability among active-duty Army soldiers: an odds ratio analysis of medical healthcare data from fiscal year 2018

Item Nondeployable [n(%)]pOR95%CIP-value
Musculoskeletal e-Profile and Sleep e-Profile    
 Yes1565(2.8)5116(9.1)4.253.75–4.81P ≤ 0.001
Motor Vehicle Accident and Sleep e-Profile    
 Yes3(0.0)9(0.0)2.160.55–8.52P = 0.27
Work/Duty-Related Injury and Sleep e-Profile    
 Yes31(0.1)89(0.2)2.621.63–4.21P ≤ 0.001
  1. Prevalence odds ratio analysis comparing the likelihood of having a sleep e-Profile in combination with either a musculoskeletal e-Profile, motor vehicle accident or work/duty-related injuries. Soldiers with a musculoskeletal e-Profile and a sleep e-Profile or a work/duty-related injury and a sleep e-Profile were more likely to be nondeployable than soldiers with only one or neither of those conditions