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Table 2 Prevalence odds ratios of having a sleep e-Profile and other e-Profile category, accident, injury, and nondeployability

From: Sleep disturbances and predictors of nondeployability among active-duty Army soldiers: an odds ratio analysis of medical healthcare data from fiscal year 2018

ItemSleep e-Profile [n (%)]pOR95%CIP-Value
2027(3.6)7092(12.6)0.810.77–0.85P ≤ 0.001
Musculoskeletal e-Profile
 Yes6740(12.0)34,470(61.2)0.510.49–0.54P ≤ 0.001
Cardiometabolic e-Profile
 Yes46(0.1)1322(2.5)0.670.60–0.75P ≤ 0.001
Behavioral health e-Profile
 Yes1040(1.8)4470(8.0)1.040.96–1.11P = 0.34
Motor vehicle accident
 Yes12(0.1)234(0.4)4.72.63–8.39P ≤ 0.001
Work/duty-related injury
 Yes120(0.2)794(1.4)1.61.32–1.94P ≤ 0.001
  1. Prevalence odds ratio analysis of the likelihood of comorbidity between sleep e-Profiles and other e-Profile types. Soldiers with sleep e-Profiles were more likely to have a musculoskeletal e-Profile, motor vehicle accident, or work/duty-related injury than soldiers without a sleep e-Profile