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Table 1 Positive therapeutic outcomes of MFT rated by experts

From: Multi-family therapy for veteran and refugee families: a Delphi study

Experts’ opinion Score Families’ opinion (according to experts) Score
Increased understanding, de-escalation of conflicts 4.10 Contact with families, overcoming isolation 4.60
Improved parenting 3.70 Mutual recognition 4.50
Increase in support of family members 3.60 Being aware and reflective 4.10
Secure bonding 3.50 Improved parenting 3.90
Changed patternsa 3.38 Higher self-esteem 3.80
Openness in communication 3.30 Support of professionals 3.04
Increased resilience 3.10 Coping skills and resources 2.64
Learning ways to regulate and show emotions 3.10
  1. MFT Multi-family therapy; aIn dealing with (traumatic) stress and family life, replacing unhealthy with healthy patterns; − No data