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Table 2 Interventions reported as previous treatments for PTS(D)

From: Successful use of closed-loop allostatic neurotechnology for post-traumatic stress symptoms in military personnel: self-reported and autonomic improvements

Type of intervention Number of participants reporting
Psychotropic or sleep-related medications or supplements 11
Cognitive behavioral therapy/psychotherapy 8
Program at National Intrepid Center of Excellence 3
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing 2
Biofeedback 2
Relaxation therapy/progressive muscle relaxation 2
Physical therapy 2
Chiropractor 2
Occupational therapy 2
Transcranial direct-current stimulation 1
Group therapy 1
Stretch therapy 1
Yoga 1
Reiki 1
Shin Jin Jitsu 1
Service dog 1
Speech therapy 1
Hearing aid 1