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Table 3 Laboratory tests for eosinophilia investigation

From: A diagnostic protocol designed for determining allergic causes in patients with blood eosinophilia

I - Non-specialized tests
  . Total and differential blood count
. ESR and CRP dosagea
. Test for proteinuria
II - Specialized tests
  a) Allergy
 . Total IgE titration
 . Global tests detecting IgE specific for food or inhalant allergens
 . Anti-Aspergillus IgE assayb
b) Parasitology and Mycology (microscopy examinations)
 . Stool examination including the Baermann’s method
 . Blood examination for microfilariaec
 . Skin examination for microfilariaec
 . Sputum examination for Paragonimus sp. eggsc
 . Skin scraping for scabies mites or fungid
 . Urine examination for eggs of Schistoma haematobium e
c) Parasitology and Mycology (immunodiagnostics)
 . Anisakiasise
 . Cystic echinococcosis
 . Fascioliasise
 . Filariases (with Og4C3 detection)e
 . Schistosomiasis
 . Strongyloidiasis
 . Toxocariasis
 . Trichinellosise
 . Anti-A. fumigatus IgG antibodies
  1. aESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate; CRP: C-reactive protein
  2. bfor asthmatic patients and/or presenting with wheezing
  3. cfor immigrants or travelers only, according to the geographical distribution of relevant helminthiases
  4. dif itchy lesions
  5. eif relevant risk factors were present