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Table 2 Sensitivity analysis

From: An economic analysis of varicella immunization in the Singapore military

Variable Change in cost savings as a result of intervention Positive value favors intervention Sensitivity
Income at year 2007 +$24.12 per $1 increment of income Higher income means more valuable man-days. With more than 1600 MD savings per year, each dollar increase is a significant impact on the cost effectiveness of the intervention.
Days lost from outbreaks +$5,704 per man day (from 100 MD to 101 MD) Sensitive. Although there are few outbreaks, each outbreak represents a significant cost.
Please refer to Fig. 1 to see how the vaccination program changed cost of handling the disease over time.
Estimated % with side effects -$2600 per 0.1 % (from 5 % to 5.1 %) Moderately sensitive. Due to the large number of vaccinations, increased percentage side effects will have an impact on the number of medical leave taken.
Consultation fee and medications -$201.7 per $1 increment (from $34.5 to $35.5) Changing consultation fee and medication cost barely affects the model.
Wage growth +$406.3 per 0.1 % increase (from 6.09 % to 6.19 %) Not sensitive. It takes a big change in wage growth to change the results.
Discount rate +$3,593 (from 0.1025 % to 0.1125 % per month). 0.01 % per month is approximately equal to 16–17 basis points Not sensitive. It requires a significant shift in 5Y risk-free return to change the result of the analysis.