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Table 1 Medical service forces and health resources available within 60 hours after Wenchuan earthquake

From: Organization and implementation of mass medical rescue after an earthquake

Time after earthquake (h) Types of medical service forces Number of medical service forces
2 Medical rescue team 1 team consisting of 24 members
12 Medical rescue team and pandemic control team 28 teams, including 846 members
13 Medicines and health facilities 400,000,000 Yuan (RMB)
Blood storage for war 20,000 bags
48 Medical rescue team and pandemic prevention team 58 teams, including 1,600 members
Medical facilities for field medical rescue team More than 60 sets
Medical technology vehicle for field war 20
Health resources 43,000,000 Yuan (RMB)
60 Mobile health service forces 2,346 persons (60% of all first-line medical rescue forces)