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Table 1 Comparison of characteristics of brain imaging technologies

From: Advances in electrical impedance tomography-based brain imaging

Technique Mechanism of operation Cost Wearable Operability Side effects Precision
EIT Electrical impedance in tissue Low Yes Maneuverable No Low
fcPAT Optical excitation and acoustic detection Low Yes Maneuverable No High
EEG Electrical activity of brain cells Low Yes Maneuverable No Low
X-ray Low energy X-rays Moderate No Professional Radiation Moderate
CT X-rays, computer processing and conversion High No Professional Radiation High
MRI Magnetic field and pulsating radio waves High No Professional Time-consuming High
PET Gamma rays emitted by tracer substance High No Professional Radiation Moderate
  1. EIT electrical impedance tomography, fcPAT functional connectivity photoacoustic tomography, EEG electroencephalography, CT computed tomography, MRI magnetic resonance imaging, PET positron emission tomography