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Table 8 Personal protection guidelines checklist (Strong recommendation)

From: A rapid advice guideline for the diagnosis and treatment of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infected pneumonia (standard version)

Item Exposure intensity of infection riska Protective measurement
Round hat N95 mask Coverall Eye protector/Protective panel Latex gloves Barrier gown Protective clothing Shoe cover/Bootstrap Comprehensive respiratory apparatus
Recommendations as per work area
 Pre-examination triage Low      
 General out-patient service Low       
 General ward Medium    
 Fever clinic Medium  
 Isolation room (Area) Medium  
 Department of infectious diseases Medium  
Recommendations as per personnel
 Medical staff in the isolation area High
 Staff in pre-examination triage Medium  
 Medical staff in Out-patient Department Medium  
 Medical staff in the observing ward High
 Assisting staff Medium    
 Administrative and supporting staff Low    
  1. aLow risk, general contact with patients or exposure to contaminated environment, such as escorting the patients during diagnosis, triage, palpation, consultation, etc
  2. Medium risk, direct contact with body fluid, mucosa or incomplete skin, such as oral examination, puncture, oral care, surgery, etc
  3. High risk, there is a risk of spatter of secretions or contaminants onto the body and face of medical staff, such as oral diagnosis, endotracheal intubation, etc