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Table 6 Simple (unadjusted) and multiple (adjusted) stepwise regression models for best corrected distance visual acuity logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution (logMAR), best corrected distance visual acuity manifest spherical equivalent (MSE), 25% mesopic contrast, super vision test LogMAR and logarithm of the contrast sensitivity (logCS), and total higher order aberrations (HOA) as predictors of average identification distance of IEDs (n = 29)

From: Preliminary evaluation of the VIsion PERformance (VIPER) simulator

Best CDVA LogMAR5.2318.770.7830.003
Best CDVA MSE1.220.620.0620.1191.230.660.072
25% mesopic OU−5.5413.880.6930.006
Super vision visual acuity (LogMAR)−19.0118.78.3200.035
Super vision contrast sensitivity (log CS)−4.916.270.4400.021
Total HOA0.370.250.1540.074
  1. aR2 = 0.115; “-”: Not selected for inclusion in stepwise regression model; CDVA: Corrected distance visual acuity; OU: Both eyes