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Table 3 Simple and multiple stepwise regression models for best corrected distance visual acuity logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution (logMAR), best corrected distance visual acuity manifest spherical equivalent (MSE), 25% mesopic contrast, super vision test LogMAR and logarithm of the contrast sensitivity (logCS), and total higher order aberrations (HOA) as predictors of average detection distance of signs (n = 29)

From: Preliminary evaluation of the VIsion PERformance (VIPER) simulator

Best CDVA LogMAR48.02119.210.6900.006
Best CDVA MSE8.413.920.0410.141
25% mesopic OU45.6288.140.6090.009
Super vision visual acuity (LogMAR)−4.22121.600.973< 0.0001
Super vision contrast sensitivity (log CS)−18.5940.130.6470.008
Total HOA3.171.480.0420.1443.171.480.042
  1. aR2 = 0.144; “-”: Not selected for inclusion in stepwise regression model; CDVA Corrected distance visual acuity, OU Both eyes