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Table 2 The applications of PRP

From: Effects and mechanism of platelet-rich plasma on military drill injury: a review

Type of injuries Functional effects References
Bone and cartilage damage Combination of bone graft to promote bone regeneration, Promotion of the differentiation of transplanted cells into chondrocytes [36,37,38,39]
Sports injuries Improvement of tendon healing quality and joint mobility, promotion of ligament injury repair, shortening recovery time of muscle strain, rehabilitation treatment of chronic sports injury [40, 41]
Acute and chronic wounds Promotion of angiogenesis granulation tissue formation, and re-epithelialization [42,43,44]
Burn wound Promotion of burn wound repair [45]
Oral and maxillofacial injuries Promotion of Alveolar bone regeneration, periodontal bone defect repair, and maxillary sinus filling [46,47,48]
Fat transplantation Improvement of transplanted adipose tissue quality and promotion of transplant survival [49,50,51]
Others Promotion of facial nerve, corneal injury repair, facial rejuvenation and hair regeneration, etc [52,53,54,55,56]