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Table 4 Training rate for controlling nosocomial infections before and after the outbreak

From: Perceived infection transmission routes, infection control practices, psychosocial changes, and management of COVID-19 infected healthcare workers in a tertiary acute care hospital in Wuhan: a cross-sectional survey

Training for controlling nosocomial infectionsTraining rate [n (%)]P*
Before outbreakAfter outbreak
Isolation of suspected infectious patients76(73.8)90(87.4)0.004
Environmental cleaning and disinfection86(83.5)91(88.4)0.17
Hand hygiene101(98.1)95(92.2)0.03
Wearing gloves99(96.1)93(90.3)0.03
Wearing surgical mask90(87.4)92(89.3)0.56
Wearing goggles or face shield71(68.9)89(86.4)< 0.001
Wearing isolation clothes81(78.6)90(87.4)0.02
Wearing protective clothing66(64.1)90(87.4)< 0.001
  1. *P value from McNemar test