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Table 3 Perceived correct rate of knowledge about controlling nosocomial infections before the outbreak

From: Perceived infection transmission routes, infection control practices, psychosocial changes, and management of COVID-19 infected healthcare workers in a tertiary acute care hospital in Wuhan: a cross-sectional survey

NumberItemCorrect rate [n (%)]
Item 1Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 infection pneumonia should be concentrated and isolated94(91.3)
Item 2Hand hygiene should be done before putting on a mask98(95.2)
Item 3People should wear protective clothing in designated areas98(95.1)
Item 4Sputum aspiration and tracheotomy are the high-risk procedures for COVID-19 infection99(96.1)
Item 5The window should be closed tightly in the general ward59(57.2)
Item 6When contacting the patient’s blood, body fluids, secretions, excrement, vomitus and pollutants: people should wear clean gloves, and wash hands after removing the gloves96(93.2)
Item 7When in danger of being splashed by blood, body fluid, secretion, etc.: people should wear medical protective mask, goggles, and impermeable isolation clothing96(93.2)