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Table 5 Clinical follow-up after contrast medium administration [n(%)]

From: Predictors of contrast-induced acute kidney injury in patients with coronary artery disease receiving contrast agents twice within 30 days

VariableGroup A (n = 559)Group B (n = 48)P value
All cause death21 (3.8)3 (4.2)0.426
MACE51 (9.1)6 (12.5)0.438
 Cardiac death19 (3.4)3 (4.2)0.154
 Myocardial infarction3 (0.5)01.000
 In-stent restenosis28 (5.0)3 (6.3)0.728
 Stent thrombosis1 (0.2)01.000
  1. Group A No CI-AKI from 2nd agent, Group B CI-AKI from 2nd agent, MACE Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events