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Table 2 Commercial fibrin sealant patch/dressings

From: Hemostatic agents for prehospital hemorrhage control: a narrative review

Product nameCompositionApplications
TachoSil (Takeda Pharma A/S) [155]An absorbable fibrin sealant patch consisting of a thin equine collagen sponge coated with human fibrinogen (5.5 mg/cm2) and human thrombin (2.0 U/cm2)Secondary treatment of local bleeding in patients undergoing hepatic resection
Fibrin sealant (TachoComb H) [156]Equine collagen layered with human fibrinogen, 5.5 mg/cm2, and human thrombin 2.0 U/cm2Applied to cortical brain lesions in rabbits under normal coagulation and following exposure to plasminogen activator to induce hyperfibrinolysis
Fibrin sealant dressing (TachoComb) [157]Equine collagen layered with human fibrinogen, 4.3–6.7 mg/cm2, and bovine thrombin 1.5–2.5 U/cm2, Hafslund Nycomed PharmaApplied to the cut surface of a rat kidney with light digital pressure for 2 min. After release of digital pressure, the dressing remained on the kidney for 30 min
Fibrin Pad (Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd.)A sterile, bioabsorbable product consisting of 2 constituent parts: a flexible matrix consisting of polyglactin (PG910) filaments needle-punched into a backing fabric of oxidized regenerated cellulose and a coating of human fibrinogen (7.8 mg/cm2) and human thrombin (31.5 U/cm2)Management of soft tissue hemorrhage occurring during major surgical operations in the abdomen, retroperitoneum, pelvis, and noncardiac thoracic surgery [158]
Used as an adjunct to achieve hemostasis during hepatic surgery [159]
Dry fibrin sealant dressing (DFSD)
(American Red Cross Holland Laboratory, Rockville, MD)
Two outer layers of human fibrinogen (13.5 mg/cm2) and a middle layer of human thrombin (40 U/cm2) and CaCl2 (75 μg/cm2), freeze-dried onto an absorbable Dexon mesh backing [161]Applied in a small pool of blood and compressed over the wound with sufficient pressure to occlude the vessel for 4 min in a swine aortic injury model
Consisting of human fibrinogen, 0, 4, 8, 15 mg/cm2, human thrombin 37.5 U/cm2, and CaCl2, 40 mM/cm2, freeze-dried onto an absorbable polygalactin mesh backing [162]Applied to the surface of the injured liver of swine with 60-s compression in the dorsoventral and lateromedial direction, respectively. Only the 15-mg formulation significantly reduced blood loss.
Consisted of human fibrinogen, 10.3 mg/cm2, human thrombin, 28.6 U/cm2, and CaCl2, 2.5 mg/cm2, all compressed onto a silicone backing [163]Applied in a uniform manner with 2 min of direct pressure and then tied in place with muslin backing in a swine model of ballistic injury
Fibrin sealant dressing (Fibriseal)15 mg fibrinogen, 36 U thrombin, 3.6 mg CaCl2 /cm2 on a silicone backing [164]Held in place on the femoral arteriotomy with a mechanical device in a swine femoral artery injury model
Fibrin Sealant Patch (Evarrest)Oxidized regenerated cellulose, polyglactin 910 nonwoven fibers, human fibrinogen, and human thrombin [165]Gauze packing with 3 min of standardized pressure in swine models of unilateral femoral artery puncture or a grade V liver laceration with timed free bleeding