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Table 1 Sleep disorder diagnoses in soldiers with e-Profiles

From: Sleep disturbances and predictors of nondeployability among active-duty Army soldiers: an odds ratio analysis of medical healthcare data from fiscal year 2018

Listed conditionCasePercentage of soldiers with sleep e-Profile (%)Percentage of soldiers with Sleep-related diagnosis (%)Percentage of active-duty population (%)
Sleep e-Profile (All)10,885100.019.41.9
Obstructive sleep apnea e-Profiles10,44296.03.71.8
Narcolepsy and circadian disorder e-Profile1901.70.070.03
Insomnia e-Profile1071.00.040.02
Narcolepsy and OSA e-Profiles300.30.010.005
  1. Breakdown of sleep e-Profiles by listed condition for active-duty soldier populations from FY2018. OSA was the listed condition for the majority of soldiers with sleep e-Profiles and represented 1.9% of all active-duty soldiers