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Table 1 Laboratory indicators and recommended frequency of monitoring in patients with heat stroke

From: Expert consensus on the diagnosis and treatment of heat stroke in China

Blood routineWBC, Neut%, PLT, Hb, HCT1˗2×/d, increased frequency for patients with severe coagulation abnormalities or bleeding
Myocardial markerscTnI, CK-MB, BNP1˗2×/d
RhabdomyolysisCK, Mb1×/d
CoagulationPT, APTT, D-dimer, Fib, PT%1×/4 h in the early stage until the indicators are stable
Renal functionCr, Urea1×/d
Liver functionAST, ALT, LDH, TBil2×/d until the indicators are stable
Inflammation markersCRP, PCT, IL-61×/d
ElectrolytesK+, Na+, Cl, Ca2+1˗2×/d and increased frequency according to the abnormalities
Blood glucoseBG1×/2 h until the indicators are stale
Blood gaspH, PO2, PCO2, HCO3, BE, Lac1×/4 h until the indicators are stale
Blood cultureTwo aerobic and two anaerobic culturesPatients with sustained high fever or suspected infection