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Table 3 Results from the mixed models showing main effects of group and time, the time-quadratic effect, and the group × time interaction effect on outcome measures

From: A randomized trial comparing the Tennant Biomodulator to transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and traditional Chinese acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain in military service members

Clinic Pain Log (pre-session)
 Group2, 1070.3NS
 Time1, 8428.3<  0.0001*
 Time (quadratic)1, 10416.8<  0.0001*
 Group × Time2, 610.5NS
Clinic Pain Log (change within session)
 Group2, 1560.0NS
 Time1, 1955.40.02*
 Time (quadratic)1, 2582.4NS
 Group × Time2, 1381.2NS
 Group2, 984.00.02*
 Time1, 33555.7< 0.0001*
 Time (quadratic)1, 33128.2< 0.0001*
 Group × Time2, 3354.70.01*
 Group2, 911.7NS
 Time2, 890.1NS
 Group × Time4, 890.7NS
 Group2, 972.8NS
 Time2, 892.3NS
 Group × Time4, 890.3NS
  1. *. P < 0.05; CES-D. The Center for Epidemiological Studies - Depression Scale; df. degrees of freedom; MVAS. Million Visual Analog Scale; NS. not significant; PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder; PCL-M. PTSD Checklist - Military