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Table 2 Mechanisms in MFT rated by experts

From: Multi-family therapy for veteran and refugee families: a Delphi study

Experts’ opinion Score Families’ opinion (according to experts) Score
Working with other families 4.50 MFT without individual therapy 2.56
Recognition and identification 4.38 Too much talking, too little action 2.56
Mentalization 4.20 Group dynamics (too strong/weak) 2.52
Unraveling behavioral sequences 4.00 Therapist (too inactive/active) 2.32
Positive atmosphere, context for learning 3.80 Insufficient safety at home 2.25
Generating hope and multiple perspectives 3.78 Unclear rationale of therapy 2.00
Adults voice how they are affected 3.46 Lack of motivation, no-show 1.68
Ownership of the problem 3.44 Addiction 1.44
Children voice how they are affected 3.06
  1. MFT Multi-family therapy; − No data