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Table 2 Several ground-based facilities (GBFs) and their characteristics

From: Effects of spaceflight and simulated microgravity on microbial growth and secondary metabolism

Ground-based facilities (GBFs) Simulative effect Suitable organism
2-D clinostats Simulated microgravity effect Plant tissue
Random positioning machines (RPMs) (3-D clinostats) Simulated microgravity effect Plant tissue
High-aspect rotating vessels (HARVs) Low-shear modeled microgravity (LSSMG) Human cells, animal cells, microorganisms
Rotating-wall vessel (RWV)
Rotating-wall bioreactor (RWB)
Rotary cell culture system (RCCS)
Diamagnetic levitation apparatus Simulated microgravity Protozoan, plants, mammals, microorganisms