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Table 3 Risk factors independently associated with readmissions in IBD patients within 90 days of discharge

From: Risk factors for 90-day readmission in veterans with inflammatory bowel disease—Does post-discharge follow-up matter?

Variables OR 95% CI P value
CD (compared to UC) 3.90 1.82-8.90 < 0.001
Use of antidepressants prior to admission 2.19 1.12-4.32 0.02
Lack of follow-up with PCP within 90 days after discharge 2.63 1.32-5.26 0.006
Lack of follow-up with GI within 90 days after discharge 2.44 1.20-5.00 0.01
  1. IBD inflammatory bowel disease, CD Crohn’s disease, UC ulcerative colitis, PCP primary care physician, GI gastroenterologist