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Table 1 Major issues for HAIs prevention

From: Strategy and technology to prevent hospital-acquired infections: Lessons from SARS, Ebola, and MERS in Asia and West Africa

Item Issue
Strategy Disaster response plan; Communication plan; Funding; Training; Availability of personal protective equipment; Presence of case definitions; Standard operating procedures and guidelines; Timely decision-making
Technology Hospital design; Adequate lighting; Adequate ventilation; Availability of cleaning equipment; Availability and state of laboratory equipment; Computers; Internet and communication facilities; Transport system such as utility cars and ambulances; Functional online appointments systems and electronic payment system for reducing patient density in the hospital’s OPD
Human factor Knowledge; Prevention condition; Attitudes; Use of personal protective equipment; Hand washing; Handling of patient’s excreta and waste; Barrier nursing and isolation; Timely reaction to suspected cases; Timely reporting; Alarm raising and response to disaster call out
  1. OPD Outpatient department