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Table 2 Questioning assessment of risk factors for helminthiases

From: A diagnostic protocol designed for determining allergic causes in patients with blood eosinophilia

Questionnaire item
Occupational contact with mud or wet soil (strongyloidiasis)
Rural residence (fascioliasis, toxocariasis, trichinellosis)
Unfenced vegetable garden, and/or presence of stray cats or dogs (toxocariasis)
Hunting (toxocariasis, trichinellosis)
Owning of undewormed pet dogs or cats (toxocariasis)
Food preferences:
 . raw/undercooked beef (taeniasis caused by Taenia saginata)
 . raw/undercooked fish from sea (anisakiasis) or fresh water (infection caused by Diphyllobothrium sp.)
 . raw/undercooked giblets from calf or lamb (toxocariasis)
 . raw/undercooked horse meat (trichinellosis)
 . raw/undercooked pork meat (taeniasis caused by Taenia solium; trichinellosis)
 . raw/undercooked wild boar meat (trichinellosis)
 . green salads from vegetable gardens owned by a friend, neighbor, or relative (toxocariasis)
 . country green salads, e.g., dandelions or watercress (fascioliasis, toxocariasis)
Travel across/occupation in/developing and/or tropical areas: risk (according to the geographical distribution of helminthiases)
Location of military postings (if overseas deployment, see item above)