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Table 1 Infectious disease emergency events and the military-civilian cooperative response

From: Military-civilian cooperative emergency response to infectious disease prevention and control in China

Infectious disease events Year Military-civilian contributions
SARS 2003 First isolation of the virus; sequencing of the entire virus genome; development of rapid diagnosis assays; establishment of SARS-designated hospitals and treatment of the patients
H5N1 avian flu 2004 to 2005 Large-scale industrial development of the Tamiflu equivalent, Oseltamivir (brand name KeWei)
H1N1 flu 2009 Confirmation of first input H1N1 infected case; development of rapid diagnosis assays and RT-PCR; development of Peramivir Trihydrate and H1N1 flu vaccine
H7N9 flu 2013 to 2016 Development of rapid diagnosis assays and RT-PCR; development of Peramivir and sodium chloride injection
Ebola hemorrhagic fever 2014 to 2015 Deployment of testing teams and mobile hospitals; treatment of patients and training of the health care workers; establishment and operation of biosafety III laboratory; development of Ebola drug MIL 77 and vaccine
Zika virus infection 2015 to 2016 Confirmation of first input Zika virus infection case; isolation of Zika virus strains; gene sequencing of the first imported Zika virus; development of rapid diagnosis assays