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Table 1 Economic data

From: An economic analysis of varicella immunization in the Singapore military

Item Data
Cost per outpatient consultation (including medications) (SG$) 34.50
Estimated days lost per case due to sick leave/disease 6.57 days (2.76 s.d.)
Cost of one lost day (SG$) 174.00
Cost of outpatient treatment (SG$) 34.50 (27.6-41.4)
Cost per vaccine vial (SG$) 30.95
Cost of side effects of vaccine per person (SG$) 174.00
Growth rate of median wagesa 6.093 %
Man-day lost from a varicella outbreak 100 (80–120)
Side effect rate 5 %
Discount rateb 1.237 % annual
  1. aCalculated using data from the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore, 2013;
  2. bGeometric mean of 5-year SGS Bond Yields from 2007 to 2014. Bond yields are obtained from