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Table 1 Key IDF clinical guideline recommendations for the treatment of acne and their operational methods of assessment

From: Adherence to acne treatment guidelines in the military environment - a descriptive, serial cross-sectional study

Population IDF guideline recommendation Assessment in study
All acne patients Assign treatment according to acne severity Not assessed in study: could not be evaluated by computerized query (Disease severity not stated within diagnosis field)
All acne patients Progress gradually between treatment lines Correctness of treatment progression assessed for treatment courses of distinct acne medications (see Table 4)
Patients treated with oral retinoids Rule out psychiatric diagnoses prior to treatment initiation, and refer to psychiatrist if necessary Not assessed in study: information not available in computerized patient records
Patients treated with oral retinoids Monitor laboratory test values (liver enzymes, plasma lipid profile) before and during treatment. Not assessed in study: computerized laboratory test records were not available for cross analysis between databases.
Patients treated with oral retinoids Prescribe supportive care if necessary. Concomitant prescribing or dispensing of supportive care medications was assessed (see Table 5).
Patients treated with oral retinoids Restrict patient participation in strenuous physical activity by temporarily adjusting medical profile. Not assessed in study: documentation of temporary change in medical profile was not available after reinstatement of permanent profile.
Female patients treated with oral retinoids (teratogenic) - Rule out pregnancy (laboratory test). Documented concomitant prescribing or dispensing of oral contraceptives to female patients receiving OI’s.
- Inform the patient of potential hazards and explain about required birth control measures.
- Have the patient sign a statement and file in their medical record (see background).