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Table 2 COMPASSgoal Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Executive functioning in TBI from rehabilitation to social reintegration: COMPASS goal, a randomized controlled trial (grant: 1I01RX000637-01A3 by the VA ORD RR&D, 2013–2016)

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
COMPASSGOAL: community re-integration study TBI of at least mild severity using criteria related to disturbance of consciousness (VHA TBI Comprehensive Evaluation screening tool) [67] Inability to provide informed consent and no proxy available
Obtained informed consent Severe impairment of language or day-to-day memory that would preclude participation in a verbal-based therapy
Males or females of working age, between the ages of 18 and 55 Life expectancy of less than 36 months
Medically stable with physician approval to participate Severe multiple trauma (judged by the attending physicians and/or investigators as too severe for participation in this study), such as severe burns, serious organ damage, amputations, or multiple fractures
Ability to comprehend and communicate in English at a 6th-grade level History of substance abuse severe enough to cause neurologic damage, pre-morbid history of neurologic disease (e.g., stroke)
Executive dysfunction as identified by the FrSBe [68] and/or other study assessments (see Table 3 ) Prior history of known bipolar disorder or schizophrenia or severe psychiatric illness as confirmed by medical records and/or clinical judgment or M.I.N.I. assessment [6972] if no clinical judgment is on record