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Table 2 Main themes of the current programme of Skin Care for All

From: The wow factor as a determinant of funding for disorders of the skin

Main themes Requirements
Self-help at a low cost(a) a) Cleaned with water fit for drinking using all available cleansing technology [39]
b) Oiled [40]
c) Kept moving [41]
d) Positioned to reduce gravitational overload
e) Protected from fire and scalding, excess sunlight or cold, female genital mutilation, and offloaded from excess pressure
f) Adequately clothed and fitted with footwear; provided with mosquito nets, condoms
g) Provided with Gardens for Health [34]
h) Stop tobacco smoking [42, 43]
i) For disfigurement, allow nature to repair but ensure added human kindness and care
The healing of absent skin(b) a) Remove causes, such as fire, land mines, dangerous driving, mycobacterium ulcerans, etc.
b) Treat systemic diseases such as anaemia, diabetes, HIV/AIDS
c) Remove space-occupying material, such as foreign bodies, pus, haematoma, dead tissue, etc.
d) Keep moist but do not macerate
e) Manage oedema and care for surrounding skin to prevent the repair mechanisms of neglected skin from stealing the blood supply needed for the wound
Care for Lymphoedema(c) a) Keep moving by massage, yoga, full range joint movement, deep breathing
b) Reduce venous overload by elevation and ankle movements
c) Reduce inflammation from bacteria, irritants, allergens, etc.
  1. (a) Self-help at low cost expects Ministries of Health to provide essential drugs for bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections, as well as for eczema and pigmentation disorders
  2. (b) Absent skin from such causes as burns, wounds, venous ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, sub-epidermal blisters, toxic necrolysis, Buruli ulcers, etc. [9, 43]
  3. (c) care of lymphoedema [44, 45]