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Table 1 Glossary of terms used

From: Impact of noise on hearing in the military

Terms Descrption
Sound pressure level (SPL) Sound intensity is expresses the pressure caused by a sound wave and is indicated by sound pressure level. The unit of measurement is the decibel (dB SPL)
dB Scale A logarithmic scale to measure sound pressure level
dBA To measure noise, A-weighted SPL (dBA) can be used. In contrast to SPL which represents a physical dimension, A-weighted SPL represents a perceptual dimension. The dB SPL will be different from dBA for different for different frequencies as low frequency sounds and high frequency sounds tend to be less loud than mid-frequency sounds
L Aeq This refers to the average level of sound pressure within a certain time period with the A-filter used for frequency weighting. The A-filter is a frequency-weighting of sound pressure levels that mimics the sensitivity of the auditory system of humans (eg, low-frequency sounds contribute little to the A-weighted dB level)