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Table 1 Members and groups of the ‘Mission Anthropologique Belge au Niger”(MABN)

From: Health and sanitary status in 1970 of Tubu nomads dwelling in Northeastern Niger

Name, grade and country of members Duty
Group 1  
  M Bukowski, Gerpinnes, Belgium Driver and mechanics
  M.R. Callens, Brussels, Belgium (MRC1) Nurse
  J. Fairon, Tervuren, Belgium Zoologist
  Prof. P. Fuchs, Munich, Germany (PF1) Ethnologist
  P. Gilmont, Brussels, Belgium Photographer
  Dr. R.G. Huntsman, London, England (RGH1) Hematologist
  S. Jacquemart2, Tervuren, Belgium Zoologist
  J. Laurent, Ans, Belgium Driver and mechanics
  Dr J-F. Magnaval, Toulouse, France (JFM1) Physician, parasitologist
  I. Vanderheyden2, Leuven, Belgium (IV1) Biochemist, scientific head
Group 2  
  NCO A. Bosmans, Belgian Air Force, Bützweilerhof, Germany Chief-mechanics
  Major Avi. R. de Bruin2, Belgian Air Force, Rheindalen, Germany (RDB1) Head, logistics
  C. de Bruin2, Salmchâteau, Belgium (CDB1) Nutritionist
  Lt W. Kother, Belgian Air Force, Florennes, Belgium (WK1) Pilot
  Lt M. Mandl, Belgian Air Force, Florennes, Belgium (MM1) Pilot
  Dr. C. Oosterbosch, Liège, Belgium (CO1) Physician
  R. Serruys, Gistel, Belgium Photographer
  J. Springett, London, England (JS1) Genetician
  NCO G. Waeghenaere, Belgian Army, Brussels, Belgium Driver and logistics support
  Prof. J.M. Wattiaux2, Namur, Belgium (JMW1) Genetician, scientific head
  L. Welter, Belgian Air Force (reservist), Verviers, Belgium Navigator
  1. Military grades are as of the time of the mission. Two 4 wheel drive(WD) cars, one 4WD light truck were deployed in Group 1 and one 4WD car, one 4WD light truck and two light aircrafts in Group 2. 1abbrievations of names of the members which will be used in the text of this articles; 2Deceased.