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Figure 1

From: Development and application of triage and medical evacuation system for casualties at sea

Figure 1

Four components of triage and medical evacuation system for casualties at sea. (A) The high-capacity medical information card, which has an RFID chip inside and a PVC plastic shell outside, can identify wounds, track casualties through triage process and transmit information to institutions at all levels. (B) The simulated patient generator can provide specific types of casualties for the simulation training of medical personnel, which increases the training intensity and improves the rescue abilities of medical personnel. (C) The Triage classifier can capture the casualties’ information, generate the trauma index and conduct the casualty triage, which can guide medical personnel in providing first aid to the wounded and performing medical evacuations. (D) The multifunctional airbag triage vest is composed of an airbag device, a multipocket design and fluorescent strips, and it is capable of carrying colored markers and other medical instruments. Red tags indicate hemorrhage, White tags indicate fracture, Black tags indicate infectious disease, Blue tags indicate radiation disease and Yellow tags indicate biological agents.

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